Escola Americana de Vitória

More than a tribute: Today, on this 3rd of June, which marks the 36th year of the death of A. Ruschi, the Memory of the Patron of Ecology of Brazil dawns fueled by the positive energy of the very youth it serves. All of this is thanks to yet another visit by Memorial Augusto Ruschi to children in their temple of learning. This time, we went to the Escola Americana de Vitória, where the founder of the A. Ruschi Memorial, Piero Ruschi, talked about the Patronus directly with the students and inaugurated, together with the President, Américo Buaiz Filho, the new school space named after his father.

“On behalf of the Augusto Ruschi Memorial, I am honored by the tribute to the Patron of Ecology of Brazil by naming the new environment for contemplation, learning and leisure at the American School of Vitória – “Augusto Ruschi Square”. I thank the President of the American School, Américo Buaiz Filho, and the Director, Cristino Carvalho, for inviting me first, as well as Memorial A. R., for the opportunity to add to the event a moment of transmission of some information about the true identity of the Patron of Ecology – so valuable for the potential of its example to future generations. As a capixaba native, I am happy to know that ES is honored with the presence of this school (EAV) and its educational method dedicated to the development of the individual potential of each of its students, as I am sure that they will add greatly to the generations that will replace us.” Piero A. Ruschi

Solemn Session in Homage to the Memory of the Brazilian Agronomist, Ecologist and Naturalist, Augusto Ruschi

Held on 06/21/2022 at the Ulysses Guimarães Plenary, Chamber of Deputies, Brasília-DF.

The Event featured a lecture on the Patronus given by the founder of Memorial Augusto Ruschi, Piero Ruschi, as well as the participation of authorities: Dep. Federal Dr. Soraya Manato; Department Federal Dr. Luiz Ovando; Former Senator Marcos Guerra (virtual participation); doctor Fishiler Pimentel Zitenfeld Cardia.

EMEI Sebastião José Pivetta

On this visit to EMEI Sebastião José Pivetta was warmly received with several surprises. First, the founder of the memorial, Piero Ruschi, spoke to the children, teaching them about the hummingbirds of Santa Teresa and telling them about the life and work of the Patron of Ecology. Then, the children presented a play with the theme “The Tale of the Fire and the Hummingbird”, which featured a musical sound! The visit was marked by the happy energy of the children, showing great interactivity of the students with the theme studied in that week of the environment. Check out the video and some photos we selected!

Special Session "In Defense of the Memory of Augusto Ruschi"

Held on 02/18/2022 at the Legislative Assembly of Espírito Santo.

The Event, chaired by Dep. State Captain Assumcão, featured a lecture on the memory of the Patron of Ecology of Brazil given by the founder of Memorial Augusto Ruschi, Piero Ruschi, as well as the participation of authorities: Dep. Federal Dr. Soraya Manato; Department State Captain Assumption; Department State Delegate Danilo Bahiense; Department State Torino Marques; Department State Carlos Von; Former Senator Marcos Guerra; Vice Mayor Dr. Gregorio Venturim; Councilman Prof. Renato Cosmi; x Alderman Dr. Jose Zitenfeld Cardia; doctor Waldyr Loureiro; José Luiz Ruschi; Adriana Boas.