Our Projects

Official Biography of Augusto Ruschi

The Official Biography of Augusto Ruschi is a project dedicated to creating a reliable and complete source of information about the life of the Patronus. The project is coordinated by Piero A. Ruschi and brings together a public and private document collection, making it a solid source of research for those interested in the life and work of the Patron. Production of the official biography began in June 2021 and is ongoing. This initiative represents a milestone for the knowledge and preservation of the memory of Augusto Ruschi, an important figure in Brazilian history.

Nature with Augusto Ruschi

This project creates bases to serve educational and environmental projects of third parties, being a joint effort to protect and preserve the biodiversity of the region. The base themes are composed of elements of Brazilian biodiversity so admired by the Patron.

One of the available publications is the book "Beija-flores da Mata Atlântica", which contains detailed information about the life of these incredible animals, as well as a guide to identify the different species that inhabit the Atlantic Forest.

Another publication available is the children's book "Colorindo com Augusto Ruschi", which features pictures of hummingbirds for coloring and a story where Augusto Ruschi himself teaches children how to identify the different species for coloring.

Museum Exhibitions Casa Augusto Ruschi

It aims at exposing the historical collection of the Memorial Augusto Ruschi, consisting of personal objects of the patron, including photos, letters, record collection, reading books, medals, trophies, including the originals of materials published on other sites, as well as several unpublished items to the public. The collection has been digitized and is being cataloged to allow easy access to visitors interested in learning more about the life and work of the illustrious capixaba biologist. The exhibition will be mounted at Casa Augusto Ruschi, where the patron was born and headquarters of the Memorial, bringing news and updates for visitors, who will be able to enjoy a cultural space rich in information and memories. The Augusto Ruschi Memorial is an important cultural heritage of Espírito Santo, which must be valued and preserved for future generations.

Documentary "Augusto Ruschi - Patron of Ecology in Brazil"

A series of short and feature films are in the planning phase that will illustrate the biography of the Patron of Ecology of Brazil. The work will consist of a selection of images carefully chosen to portray the life and work of Augusto Ruschi. The idea is to offer a complete overview of the trajectory of the Patron of Ecology in his fight for the preservation of national biodiversity. The initiative seeks to celebrate the legacy left by the patron, as well as inspire new generations.